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Full Time & Occasional Use:

- Outside Broadcasts: Outside Broadcast vans (OB vans), Outside Broadcast Mobile Units

- DSNG service: DSNG trucks, DSNG vans, Flyaway units

- Digital Radio Relay units

- Teleport services: KU uplink, KU downlink, Turnaround

- Satellite route

- Fibre route

- Studio & Live Studio

- Live Position & Stand-up

- Live Event Webcasting

- Post-Production

- Playout service

- Crewing

- Video Wall

- News Package

- FLYCOM has a dedicated Outside Broadcast facility with a fleet of fully equipped Outside Broadcast trucks (OB vans) and Outside Broadcast portable production units (OB PPU) based in the heart of Russia. From contract or occasional sports events to music concerts, news and entertainment, FLYCOM delivers your Outside Broadcasts from anywhere in Russia to anywhere in the world. FLYCOM covers major events for many broadcasters.

- FLYCOM owns and operates a fleet of SNG trucks, SNG vans and Flyaway units ready at short notice to provide on the spot global connectivity and distribution wherever and whenever you need them.

- FLYCOM operates Digital Radio Relay units ready to provide point to point connectivity at distances where it is impossible to use SDI, fiber or triax connection.

- FLYCOM owns, operates and manages Teleport in Moscow, Russia. Teleport give you access to a range of satellites reaching over 90% of the globe.

- By global Fibre links and interconnects FLYCOM provides reliable, efficient and secure distribution of your occasional live or tape content.

- FLYCOM offers flexible and globally connected facilities for TV and corporate programme makers.

FLYCOM has the infrastructure and experience to help rights owners, programme makers and broadcasters to create and capture content, and to manage and deliver high quality television around the world. With a fleet of OB units, SNG trucks and Teleport FLYCOM regularly enables the managed global delivery of live and special events.

Red Square, Moscow, Russia - 2009. BBC and ALJAZEERA uses SNG Truck RUS-046 to uplink live elements of Obama's Visit to Moscow.
FLYCOM renders a full spectrum of services. By means of our Outside Broadcast units you can generate necessary content and to deliver it in an every spot on the globe by means of the SNG & Flyaway systems.
FLYCOM has a wealth of experience in providing satellite links across all broadcast mediums. From major high definition Sporting Events to breaking news stories, live entertainment and corporate conferences, FLYCOM has covered it all.
Based in the Moscow, Russia, we provide a fast, flexible and cost effective range of solutions and services with experienced crew, event management services and technical support.
FLYCOM offer multi cameras mobile TV station - HD/SD OB units, HD & SD satellite uplink/downlink/turnaround facilities from SNG & Flyaway systems for deployment in the Russia, Europe or anywhere on the globe.
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